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  • Set Fitness Goals

    Our iPhone app allows you to track your fitness & challenge your friends. You can reserve Fitness App for $20!

  • Lose Weight Healthily

    Our iPhone app allows you to track your fitness & challenge your friends. You can reserve Fitness App for $20!

iPhone App

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This is the most important app ever created. Ever. Fitness App is the new exciting revitalizing iPhone App that helps you track your fitness progress. Created by two highly specialized trained fitness fanatics who are passionate about life, friendship and love.

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Pledge $20.00

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App Fanatic - Get exclusive beta access to the App & get digital kudos with a direct link to your site.

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Serious Fitness Freak! - You'll get early access to the App & get digital kudos with a direct link to your site.

Pledge $250.00

Limit of 150 — 127 remaining

Fitness Guru - All the above rewards and a limited edition t-shirt because your awesome!

Pledge $1,000.00

Limit of 10 — -18 remaining

App Lover! We'll create a special video for you saying thank you! plus all the above rewards.

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  • Meester Sister

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  • Anonymous

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  • Liam McKay

    Donated $1,500.00

  • Jason Schuller

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  • Joe Wakeford

    Donated $567.00

  • Chris Christoff

    Donated $1,500.00

  • Jake Caputo

    Donated $250.00

  • Ryan Imel

    Donated $1,000.00

  • Michiel Sikkes

    Donated $1,000.00

  • Ignacio Giri

    Donated $100.00

  • Spencer Finnell

    Donated $250.00

  • Brian Richards

    Donated $250.00

  • Nol Franklin

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  • Benjamin Rojas

    Donated $400.00

  • Adam Pickering

    Donated $520.00

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  3. Benjamin Rojas on Reply

    Wow! I am just blown away by the work you guys are doing! I hope that everyone gets on board and helps back this amazing project! Keep up the good work! I am going to tell all my friends and family about this…

  4. Spencer Finnell on Reply

    Amazing to see this simple concept come around to a crowdfunding campaign! I’m so excited to see what you do with this project! I’m sure with your team behind the wheel, this thing will really take off!

  5. Adam Pickering on Reply

    Great idea! As soon as I saw this product I was like Wow! I’m rooting for you guys. This looks like a really cool product, i’ve backed the project and I hope everyone else does too!

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